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Redesign by ML

A Living Room Staged for real life and f


Get Dressed for the Party! 

How does your home listing look?

It matters, because today your photo images are your brand. 

We use a stylish, understated Staging philosophy: 

Define and make it pretty and Don't overdesign. You want your

professional listing photos  to POP!  We curate our rooms so 

they feel  and look beautiful and we do that by selecting  items

we would want in our own home. For example, we sidestep

the common Staging practice of using ubiquitous canvas art and

"weird" accessories. Real estate photography is changing and

it's important to stay on-trend with your images. And that means

thoughtful curated Staging. Every accessory counts!


Our Services--

We provide: Staging and Finishes Consultations, Photo and Home

Design Consultations and Vacant and Occupied Stagings.

Our Staged homes range in price from $400K to $3+ million.

Our Stagings "speak" to the zip code and reflect the neighborhood.

ML has an instant rapport with homeowners since she has l

ived in McLean for 24 years and understands the many

nuances of upsizing, downsizing and decor updating. 

From MLI have always loved houses and growing up in Connecticut

and raising my young family on Chicago's beautiful North Shore just

reaffirmed my "house love".  All homes have the potential to

look good; the key is embracing best-practice design principles. I

earned my Staging & Redesign Certification in 2015 after completing

50 hours of training. My previous career in public affairs, advising

healthcare, banks and real estate clients, helped me become an

effective "home advocate"!  I use my well honed PR skills to promote

our Staging clients on social media. I provide complimentary

postings @RedesignbyML. ​I am the past President of the Interior

Redesign and Staging Association of Northern Virginia (IRSA) and

former member of the Real Estate and

Staging Association (RESA).

My husband and I have lived in McLean 22102 for 24 years. We were

long-time sports parents (swimming, rowing and water polo) and our

kids attended McLean public grade schools and Gonzaga

and Georgetown Visitation high school. I’m so grateful to be working

with you and supporting this dynamic community!


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